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Hey guys love the show just started watching about a week ago from Ontario Canada! Anyways I know this is probably a broken record I’m a newer grower and kind of moving into intermediate though I haven’t completely grasped deficiencies/toxicities and how to recognize them and cure them. I’m currently growing in a 4×4 tent 6 inch Ac infinity with carbon filter, humidifier keeps humidity between 45-55, heater going to keep temp up around 25 C, 6 autos Week 6 in 3 gallon fabric with pro mix hp and I’m amending with Gaia green which I’m not really liking due to deficiencies Or toxicity’s 🙁 I was hoping maybe you guys could talk about deficiency/toxicity and nute burn maybe some sort of how to guide? P.s I know you guys won’t like it but I’m switching to General hydroponics flora series seems basic and a lot of info I need to dial this in!!

This is a few closer up shots of some of the leaves I’m having issues with!