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Whats going on DGC, I have started a new grow and like always I will be using coco coir/perlite homemade mix 75/25 rinsed and buffered with cal mag. I have ordered an 8oz bag of Recharge from Realgrowers and most likely will need more? depends on what you guys think? I have 2 Northern Lights x Big bud auto and 1 Diesel auto and 1 Critical Blue auto. my goal is for bigger yields this time around. just need to know when to start and stop feeding.

I have 2x 3gal radicle bags and 2x 2 gal fabric pots im using. As my base nutrients I’m using Advanced nutrients Sensi Grow and Bloom Part A and B- (Together the NPK is 4-4-5) I have used this my last 2 runs alongside B-52 (B vitamin supplement), Bud Candy (MagĀ  & Microbe food) and finish the last few weeks with Overdrive (1-5-4 Late Bloom booster). I got a decent turn out from using those nutes, but I want to go further and produce bigger buds. For example- last Northern lights/big bud i harvested i got 42 g (dried) out of 2 gal fabric pot. I hope to be able to get more using the 3 gal radicle bags and incorporating more nutrients. I want to get the DGC opinion on what is best route. I will incorporate recharge, but when to start and how long into flower? Can i mix the recharge with my base nutrients or do i need to use a separate watering can? also by providing Recharge can i skimp out on buying more nutrients like the microbe food (bud candy) and just use my base and Recharge and get some bigger yields? I have late bloom boosters and bud igniters but not sure if i should not use those and use recharge instead and get same or better results? I have 2 in week 1 of veg and just started feeding them the Sensi Grow and some Root accelerator 3 days ago with there 1st feed. I will water with RO pH balanced water next time around until the Recharge gets in and go from there.

Hope this explains it and I can get some good info on what approach should be best. Thanks guys!