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I grow in coco/perlite 5 gal hempy’s. Hand feed. Veg plants under HLG quantum boards (4 board fixture, 240 watts)  I also run quantum boards in flower. Two 600 watt fixtures. Genetics is Barney’s Farm Peyote Cookies.  This particular strain has been steady in my garden for over two years.

I got back into growing in 2018. I remembered using the GH flora 3 part series from back in the day, saw that it was still available and went with that. Eventually adapting my feed to the cocoforcannabis schedule.  Everything was great.  I got beautiful bud which rivaled anything you could find at any dispo in Colorado.  There was really no problem and I was very successful with GH.

About a year ago, I switched to Megacrop.  At that time it was version 2.  The only reason I switched was the allure of only having to mix one thing into my res.  I did a full run with the small batch I ordered, and it was pretty great.   Very similar results to my GH schedule.  I reordered and received Megacrop V3.  It wasn’t the same.  Plants weren’t doing as well as they should be, and it was a miserable time trying to dial in the Megacrop.  Even now that I’ve got it mostly worked out…. They still aren’t as healthy and vibrant as they should be.

I regret ever using Megacrop and I’m done with it.

My first impulse is to go back to what I have had success with in the past.  gh flora nutes following that same cocoforcannabis feed schedule.  I am not experienced enough to be trying to mix up my own dry nutrients, or anything like that.  In retrospect, mixing up 6 or 7 different things into my reservoir wasn’t difficult at all.  I’m curious if anyone has any alternate suggestions.  I don’t mind paying a bit more than I was for GH, if there’s a justifiable reason.