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Hello DGC (Dude grows crew, community or collective),

Thanks to all who have helped me with past questions. I am currently using go bucket inserts in 5 gal buckets (3) in a 4’x4′ tent with a vivosun vs2000, ink bird controllers for humidifier and air conditioner. I have 3 double alien by La Plata Labs (regular seeds) in Ocean Forest. I have been adding water with recharge once a week, an will start feeding as soon as I go into flower. I am concerned about liquid nutrients sitting in the reservoir, I have air stones ran into the holding tank that pump when the humidifier comes on. My question is, how do I mix nutrients? is it  ok to just mix and pH nutrients and add like usual or do I need to do something else? Also I need to get a dehumidifier The best price I can find is $140 for a 50 pint, is or are there any better options out there?

Thank you all,


P.S. I think meetups with DGC in my local community would be great! I will start a DGC (city name) on facebook to see if anyone bites. Scotty always has ideas.