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Hey dude and scotty I asked a question on the g+ but mr kilo what(shoutout) suggested I ask y’all and hopefully it’ll be on today’s show. I’m just going to copy and paste it here: DGC I got a noob question about doing hydro. I just got my res. Set up and buying my ppm/ph meter soon but for this week I only added my House&Garden A+B in the res. I did it on the light side since I don’t have a ppm meter, but I remember listening to an episode recently where +Scotty Real talked about the things to NOT put in the res. I thought it was only recharge, but to stay on the safe side I only added the a+b in the res and I top fed a mix of my recharge with the rest of the House and garden additives which was just roots excellerator right now. I figure I should put that in my res cause it’s really thick and gunky, but can anyone tell me what else if anything is safe to keep in my res?? Other than my A+B I will be putting in the roots excellerator, bud XL, too booster, and top shooter, CalMag, and biocozyme…those aren’t thick at all they are all pretty much straight liquid. I also add Mammoth P and Mendocino Avalanche, I’m assuming those both should be top fed too? Any input you guys have would be great. Thanks guys!! Growers love.