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Hey Dude… Scotty… Guru… and the rest of the staff that makes this show possible! Shout out to my fellow DGC!

Sitting here in trim jail listening to fear inoculum album by Tool and really liking how this NYC diesel auto turned out. Went about 15 day’s longer than mentioned by the breeder. Which is Mendocino farms. Smells of lime and fresh hash. Not the strongest smell but very pleasant! So I figured why should I be the only one to appreciate these buds. Largest bud was 12.3g. Not a super haul but a little over 4 oz off 2 plants. But am super satisfied with the high. Very spacey and energetic. Turns cutting the grass into a sort of meditation. It allows you to get lost in your work! Grown indoors under 150w growstar COB and 3 supplemental full spectrum bridgelux 30 w COB. In a 2×4 tent.  Ocean forest soil with added compost fox farm dry amendments and very minimal feeding of the fox farm trio.