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You can see from the pictures there’s obvious leaf burn not sure what has happened. I was gone for two days when I returned I looked in on them to notice that a few had severe burn on the leaves while others have no problems at all. There are several different strains here and was curious if that could be the problem? (Heat,water,light,nutrition) I’m aware that some strains are more finicky than others, as you can tell they’re well into flower and looking really good until I left. Would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this. The strains Gelato and purple Kush seem to be affected. The blue widow, Bruce banner, cherry pie and  GSC do not seem to be affected. The soil is second generation 50%  Foxfarm ocean forest, 50% coco loco, diatomaceous earth, potash, blood meal, bone mill, kelp mill, Alfa mill, epsom salt, crushed shell and some left over azomite I had. Watering with urb, liquid seaweed and unsulfured molasses.