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These $30 running lights left the tiny alternator on my super cool Yamaha scooter sputtering to keep it running so I had to remove them.  Each light has sixteen 3 watt LEDs and were sold as 48w x 2 = 96 watts, wide angle running lights.  They are fully sealed, waterproof with extremely large heat sinks meant to be driven at full power.  I’ve had them sitting in a box for a year.

Until… the backup battery on a Frontier/FIOS Optical Network Terminal(ONT) went bad at my home requiring a service call from the friendly cable tv/internet repairman.  He replaced the box, but the existing power supply for it was routed behind my fully mature grow tent, so he just hooked up the new network box to the existing one and handed me the new 50w 1amp power supply with instructions to plug it in and use it if the old one ever failed.

My eyes lit up immediately when I read the specs on it – 50w at 1amp, hmmm, absolutely perfect to drive those running lights at 50%.

Here is my creation after stripping 6 wires and using 3 two way wago connectors.  An effective waterproof under canopy light that can be placed on soil/mulch and propped up at any angle.  Easiest grow light I’ve ever cobbled together.