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What’s up DGC! After much debate, I’ve decided to move back to bottled nutes. I’m a caregiver in Michigan with 72 plants. I’ve been toying with different super and living organic soils. I’ve gotten my best results when mixing my own and letting them sit and cook. Build-a-soil’s L.O.S. V3 was my favorite using this method and produced superior meds. I’ve also used pre-bagged enriched souls including M3( Michigan made mix) and Detroit nutrient companies- Great Lakes water only, with lackluster results. Even using build-a-soil my yields aren’t what they were using bottles. I recently got married and now have kids living with me. I no longer have the space to cook soil indoors like I’d like too.  I also hold down a full time job in addition to my 72 plant grow and have property to take care of too. I love organics but don’t have the time currently to mix soils, brew teas and top dress constantly. Which is required for superior quality and acceptable yields. I’ve decided on new millennium as my nutrient regiment and the bottles are on their way lol. My question is: what medium does the dgc recommend with new millennium? I plan on using the secret sauce recipe with green sensation and budswel. Should I go plain coco or something like a royal gold tupur? Will bales of pro-mix suffice or will quality peat make a huge difference? Should I get a bale of peat,  some perlite and compost and mix my own? If anyone has any input or experience with new millennium, let me know. Thank you DGC!