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What’s up DGC?! I’m very new to growing as this is my 3rd grow, so I am by no means an expert. My first 3 grows have been from bag seed, and the results of my grows thus far have been nothing to brag about. Fortunately, I stumbled across this awesome podcast and community in time to improve my current grow.

Every now and then, I find a seed or two in some of the flower I get from the dispensary. Fortunately for me, I found two seeds in a batch of OG Limekiller about a year ago. After having trouble with bag seed previously, I was hesitant to invest time and energy into this plant, but it seems as though some of the hard work is paying off.

Right now, my OG Limekiller is in her 7th week of flower. I am growing using organic soil amendments, so I have discontinued feeding to allow for a proper “flush.” The only setback I experienced with this grow was when the wife and I moved into our new house. I was not as mindful of the plant as I should have been, and unfortunately stressed her a little during the move. The plant was still in veg, so it was able to recover, but I imagine any amount of stress can affect yield.  I ordered some of that sweet, sweet Recharge and applied it to my plants. It definitely made a difference (I will be incorporating it into my future grows).

Anyway, the buds on the OG Limekiller are slightly larger than golf balls and have a very pleasing aroma. Obviously, the bud mostly smells like citrus, though there is an interesting ginger-like inflection to the overall smell. I’m hoping I will be able to harvest in the next couple weeks. In the mean time, I need to study up on drying and curing. Thank you Dude, Scotty, Guru, and the DGC for helping this rookie grow some nugs. Maybe next time I can take the training wheels off.