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Good day to all you awesome people out there in DGC land.  I would like to share with ya my recent harvest of OG Reek’N from Devils Harvest.

OG Reek’n is a nice blend of a female Wardareek’n by Rare Dankness and a male Kuchi, by Devils Harvest. Its a 40%/60% sativa/indica that leans towards a sativa in growth and indica in affects.  I must say, it is a fast growing strain that will easily double in flower.  The smell is very  strong and skunky.  Once moved to flower, the smell really takes off, like 10 houses away lol.  At smoke time, this stuff is so terpy and oily that it will fuddle up your buster.  When broken up by hand, you get a coat of hash on your fingers that smells so good, love it.

Grown under 460 watts of DIY LED, in 10 gallon fabric pot in Canna coco.  The base nutrients used was Canna coc A &B, light feeding.  Its a no grow with out Recharge, so we do the once a week treat followed up the next day with Optic Foliar.  Two awesome products to have in the garden, that gives that wow factor. For a little extra carbs.  A blend of Maple syrup, molasses, honey and agave was use between Recharge feedings.  FPJ’S and FFJ’s also play a part in adding that little extra for a good boost. In flower, feeding stayed about the same except PK 13/14 was add in weeks 5 and 6.  Then all feedings were stopped and we began a 4 week  slow flush. Harvest was just over 3.25 lbs, dried and trimmed.

Very big thanks to all the awesome people working behind the scenes that make this all possible.