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Whatup crew. Fantastic job with the show. I’ve just been introduced and love the content, including this section.

I’m confident that these are pollen sacks on this Blackberry Dream plant but the first one did not contain seeds post harvest. The grower introduced me to the first plant that was DANK AF. Out of 6 seeds planted, two did not germinate, and 3 were males so it was a SCORE! or was it? I had to point out my findings on the second plant to which he was unaware. I did not inspect the first plant but I got no seeds in the buds he gave me. I then spent a couple hours inspecting the whole thing and removing the premature pollen sacks.

This plant is 16 days into flower in a DWC/aero kind of system maintaining 5.8-6.2 ph and 750-900 ppm. 100% LED 3000K spectrum (so far until 28 days or so), in a negative pressure bedroom. CO2 stays around 400-500 ppm. Homemade water chiller keeps the reservoirs at 69-72 degrees f depending on ambient conditions affected by weather. The floor warms up mainly. The room stays around 73 in the dark and 79 in the light hours, with humidity clocking around 40-60%. total dragster. Preparation is being made to run 6 of these in their own reservoir (they are ready to start flower) because the first plant was sooooo dope but now we have this scary holdup. 3 cycles run at a time in this room with 4 total strains so the risk needs to be assessed.

With that out of the way, a few of my questions to the DGC.

Do you agree these are pesky nanners?

Has anyone here had a similar experience where the first crop/plant did not hermie but then did on the next cycle? If so, was that strain done forever? Did you figure out the cause?

Is there a period of the plant’s flower time that is most susceptible to this kind of behavior or once it shows sacks, it can produce them until harvest?

How long from first appearance do the sacks take to mature and open up, jizzing all over the pretty girls surrounding her, or uhhh, shim.

Can pollen sacks ever be present and not open up or possibly be infertile?

I loved the strain’s dense trichomes and heavy terpene profile 🙂 so seeing it go would be sad, but if the risk is past the threshold of knocking up the rest of the ladies (and shimself) then choppity chop chop goes the pruners 🙁

IMAGES = 1 Blackberry Dream Dankness 2 Nutsacks 3 castrated nutsacks

Much love,

ill MF