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What’s up DGC!!

I wanted to check in from prohibitionland with a breakdown of an indoor gardening expo put on by my local shop; Indoorgardens (super creative!) Closest to a cannabis event that we can get to in Ohio!

As I said, this is as close to a cannabis event as we can get. They had most of the usual suspects there as vendors, including OpticFoliar,(huge shout-out to Lawrence for the RTU hook up!) Mammoth microbes, HLG, canna, and a bunch more. Additionally there were scheduled speakers throughout the day, held on a small stage under the tent, that focused their talks on industrial hemp cultivation with Julie Doran from OH hemp farmers co-op, greenhouse cultivation with Colin Clark a horticulturist from CropKing inc. , and my favorite, a professor of entomology from Ohio State, Dr. Luis Canas talked about pests and how to treat safely!

The shop provided a ton of food, sweets and chips and sandwiches, drinks in coolers and fresh lemonade, There may have also been a fridge stocked with local craft beers for the lucky invitees!
The shop also had tons of products on sale and even offered a chance to win prizes from a prize wheel after a purchase, as well as holding a raffle for a ton of different grow supplies ranging from a pollen tumbler, HID lights, LEDs, and even a pollen press!

Overall it was a fantastic event that hopefully boosted the local growing community as well as giving the hosting shop a pretty decent spike in sales!
Most of the event went smooth, with the one exception being that every few minutes a pack of skunks would walk by and spray the whole parking lot! Hahahaha keep pushing prohibition down to eventually give us a real event!