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I am responding to a comment by r.e. Bradshaw in the previous episode. Dude wholeheartedly agreed with the comment, and although the sentiment is righteous & clearly top quality medicine is a non-negotiable. I believe the mindset that three & four letter agencies have convinced the general public they are is why the patients always end up paying more. I offer some insight as a caregiver to a 14 year old non- verbal son as well as a craft cannabis grower at scale. i grow from my heart, I have an unparalleled commitment to the health of my loved ones and all medical cannabis patients. My insatiable drive to grow the best fucking cannabis on the planet is second to none

FYI ..Nobody legally operating has any issues with submitting all required testing

Comment from R.E. Bradshaw here:

Illegal grows are not only flooding the market, but they answer to no one concerning the chemicals they dump into the plants and into Oklahoma waters. Illegal commercial grows hurt everyone. People bitch about the seed to sale accountability, but it is a necessary evil in a world that puts profit over people. Smoke clean cannabis and take care of the earth.

My comments in response to the “seed to sale accountability”

Here are the facts   INVENTORY TRACKING SYSTEM” as well as the “seed to sale tracking system” which are both required according to the proposed rules.

metrc was supposed to be fully functional and complaint. It is not. The rules require us to use the “state inventory tracking system” in addition to a second software as written into the RULES. NOT LAW 

2 different software systems with limited integration functionality outside of the “approved” vendor’s very short friend list.

Why would an agency require businesses to use software that is not functional enough to allow the end user to be fully compliant ?


To sell millions of rfid transmitting tags & matching stickers that are “required”  by the rules 

Metric does not offer seed to sale functionality in Oklahoma. 

This doubles my costs for software, from $129 per month to $280 in addition to doubling the labor I must invest just to remain complaint. The requirement of using the mandatory 2 systems, as proposed in the new rules alone will cost me $52,000 annually

Nothing proposed within the “rules” of OMMA (*an agency not the voted on laws of the citizens) would help anyone. Remember, people growing cannabis illegally aren’t following the current rules, thus, they aren’t going to follow the new rules.

This state is prospering off of the taxation of cannabis…. a medicine… for the record it is the only medicine we tax in this state…. Unlike the pharmaceuticals that are known & proven to be lethal. Note -these known lethal dangerous DRUGS aka prescriptions don’t contain RFID tags upon purchase or require special licenses to acquire.

These proposed rules are a way for non -Oklahoma based entities to profit off of patients in our State.

there is so much more i will post for the conspiracy minded folks questioning my research

gist or analysis of the new rules as written on page 2 of Title 310 section 681 . The proposed emergency rules implement legislative changes mandated by SB 1033, HB 2646 and HB 2272.  Permanent rules implementing the requirements set forth in SB 1033, HB 2646 and HB 2272

NOWHERE in any of the bills I just mentioned does the phrase or word RFID appear, yet that phrase appears in the proposed new rules 80 times.


Title 310:681-4-5. Inventory tracking, records, reports, and audits If any medical marijuana or medical marijuana products are removed from a wholesale package, each individual unit or new wholesale package must be separately tagged with a unique RFID tag.

THEY ARE TRACKING YOU !!!!! The requirement of implementing the rfid on the final product is a violation HIPPA as well as an invasion of privacy according the American Civil Liberties Union

In addition to the ACLU, and HIPPA regulation, it is illegal under FCC regulations to place an rfid tag on a end user product without their written consent.

Another conflict is with Federal Bill HR 4673 Opt Out of ID Chips Act

THEY ARE STILL DEMONIZING THE MEDICINE >> General requirements. The following general label and packaging requirements, prohibitions, and exceptions shall apply to all medical marijuana and medical marijuana products being transferred or sold to a dispensary or by a dispensary:

(1) Labels, packages, and containers shall not be attractive to minors and shall not contain any content that reasonably appears to target children, including toys, cartoon characters, and similar images. Packages should be designed to minimize appeal to children and shall not depict images other than the business name logo of the medical marijuana producer and image of the product.

(2) Packaging must contain a label that reads: “Keep out of reach of children.”

(3) All medical marijuana and medical marijuana products must be packaged in child-resistant containers at the point of sale or other transfer to a patient, a patient’s parent or legal guardian if patient is a minor, or a caregiver.

(4) Label must contain a warning that states “Women should not use marijuana or medical marijuana products during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects.”

So we have a child resistant container.  that we have to “keep away from children”.. that must actually say “keep away from children” that also contains the “Uniform Symbol” which says “ not safe for kids or pets” in addition to printing and labeling BOGUS statements about the potential for birth defects…..

What was that?

So we have a child resistant container that we have to “keep away from children” that must actually say “keep away from children” that also contains the “Uniform Symbol” which says “not safe for kids or pets” in addition to printing and labeling BOGUS statements about the potential for birth defects…..

when was this study conducted ?

By whom ?

Where ?

How ?

The reality is, thus study never was conducted, and this statement has no scientific or medical basis . This statement has however been widely and consistently dismissed by countless health and science experts. It is controversial at best .. point is they y are still demonizing the product and the general public keep falling for the hype of  “WE CAN HELP YOU, YOU NEED OUR HELP”

truth is, they are in it for themselves & the agency is filled with a shit load of ignorant people making money. What makes it  worse is that they are unwilling to learn how to actually help the people of Oklahoma.