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Good top of the morning,

First thanks for all the knowledge you guys share with the rest of the grow community. Now i really need you guys to take a BIG bowl hit and dig into your minds and give me you opinion on two subjects. First with every grower i know would love to have a high yield, but the quality is the biggest concern… I’ve been growing for about 8 years now!! And over time i realize this is like a rubik’s cube!! You will figure it out over a long period time. the first question i have is. What do you think about stem splitting? It is suppose to make the plant think that it is dying to products more TRICHOMES at the end. And if you have tried this does it work and how many days before you harvest to do this Technique??? and the last MILLENNIAL question is, what do you think about this BIO WAVE!!! That is suppose to increase yields with this STAINLESS STEEL windmill?? and im digging the NEW shirts, will be picking up a few THANKS!!!