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What’s going on, DGC?

Long-time grower, and I’ve been enjoying watching your show for quite some time.  I just recently decided it was time to upgrade my grow (lights, nutes as well as techniques), and with the recent legalization here (Canuckistan) I figured I could stick my neck out enough to finally get a membership and join the DGC proper.

Up until recently, I grew perpetual harvest from clones. The mother was germinated from a seed from dank I bought off the streets of Chicago a long time ago. I had become quite lazy with my grow, to be honest. I produced enough for my needs and I was pleased with the results, but I knew I could do better.

A couple of months ago I purchased some genetics (Grapefruit Haze and Durban Poison) and I’m currently using colloidal silver to make some female pollen with those old Chicago genetics for preservation/breeding. Very exciting times in the grow!

Love your show, try to watch everyday if I can. Very exciting times- prohibition falling as we speak DGC!

Peace and Balance,

Mr. Parson