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Happy Holidays to all the DGC !

Thanks to Dude, Scotty, Guru and all the others behind the scenes for everything you do. I’m new to the group and have been growing personal for 10 years or so in beautiful southern Ontario. Running a 4×4 with 1000 watts hps air cooled hood, promix and Green Planet nutes for meat and potatoes. I recently bought a second tent for flowering, a little  Amazon 4×2 that I set up with an old 430 hps and air cooled hood I had gathering dust. I scrogged out a Sour Diesel, while the yield was good the quality was what I remembered from closet growing.The mains were not quite as tight as I would like and everything below was small and loose. So I’m thinking of going to LED and replace the T5’s in the veg 4×2 with the 430 hps running a Metal Halide.

I have no experience with choosing or sizing an LED light so I’m asking for some guidance. The tent is 5′ tall and because of fans etc., I use 3′ of the floor space. Height from the scrog frame to the top of the tent is 3.5′. Since I have a veg space I don’t need dual duty, however due to limited height I think I do need a dim-able unit. I also need a source that ships and services from Canada. What should I be looking for or avoiding in components? All suggestions appreciated.