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Hello to all of the DGC Family,

I’m new to the DGC family, and WOW you guys are all great the information is plentiful. So a little background, I’ve been growing for about 5 years. Started as hobby to save money on medicine for my father and my best friend and we all have health issues that cannabis makes easier to cope with everyday. It got to be more than a hobby when my father got cancer than I really seen live action the miracle of it. So I’m on a hunt for a certain genetics that contain a large amount of myrcene. A stronger concentration of myrcene helps diabetes which after his chemo his has been horrendous. So large concentrations of this terpene was found in skunk #1 and super skunk. And besides the myrcene in concentration makes it smell super loud, could smell it from blocks away. I would genuinely appreciate any information on available strains that would have a somewhat of a strong skunk lineage or a large concentration of myrcene.  The stronger the smell the better.