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What up DGC, thanks for all you guys do for the growing community and culture. Back at the craft after 14 years off and was reminiscing of the early days. This was the result of my first solo grow, the old man was kinda pissed. It was a solo Westcoast Kush bag seed from a now defunct medical collective from the city of Angeles I popped back in 07 and grew in a custom soil mix consisting 50% cheapest potting mix, 30% peat, 15% perlite, 5% dolomite lime along with organic macro amendments. Grew her 100% outdoors, used the crappy 3-1 ph probe to monitor what I could, watered with purified refrigerator water that was never ph’d, and fed with good o’l Alaskan Fish Emulsion and kelp, two week water rinse before chopping. Cured up nice to a wonderful kushy hash taste and kush hi, made the old man even more mad that he hadn’t cut me loose sooner. Keep bringing the dank y’all.