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Wassup DGC,

Today I noticed some weird yellow looking mold growing on leafs on top my soil. My 1st instinct was remove it. So I took out all the decaying leafs and threw them away. While stiring up the soil I noticed root aphids…a pretty bad infestation….and now what I thought were gnats are actually flying root aphids. I think this problem may have been causing my plants to not want to flower and to look a bit nutrient deprived. Thus I was force feeding herculean harvest, chaos bloom, and recharge hoping to get them to look better….. little did I know that may have been what was keeping them alive. I’m in a 4×4 tent, the tent is exhausted into another room, I have a rapid led2x2 diy and a QB 260w, I’m growing in 10 gal smart pots, tent temp is 83f, humidity is 60%, using Blue planet farmers pride and nectar for the gods nutrients, my soil is a mix of earth worm castings perlite, coco, ocean forest, and coast of Maine. My girls only have a couple preflower sites so I’m hoping I caught this in time. I flipped to 12/12 3 weeks ago. My question is what can I do to fix my infestation? I want my girls to bounce back, and be health before they really start flowering.