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I have had everything dialed in 100%. I started doing double feeding. I feed every 10 days but on every fifth day I will give a half watering, now the kicker these young lovely ladies look like they’re 90 years old. I honestly don’t know if it’s through the double feeding or if something else is playing a factor and what I’m saying any advice or any conclusions but you can come to you give me an idea of what’s happening? I really would appreciate it. I’m using Foxfarm nutrients and I started recently putting in Recharge everything was fine til I put in the Recharge, then the next day I noticed this. I followed the instructions, a half a tablespoon or 2.5 gallon. I put too much time in it and it’s just for this to happen. I’m really disgusted. If you got any input please let me know. I just hope they could be salvageable.