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Recently I had a furious fight with a spread of bugs that took me a few well two weeks to put a stopper in the predators movements. Three different medicines Mammoth, green cleaner and plant therapy. Followed advice to use these three one every three days first using mammoth I put 40 ml in the feed for each plant also. Now the problem is I used three different types of soil mixes trying to work a super soil. Which soil had the bugs in it (had to be the soil). Do I take the mammoth and put it again in the sprayer and just mix a little spray on top of each soil and blend it in with the remaining soils. Is this their best way to not loose my soils and be able to be safe without having to send samples off to soil testing companies. By the way, I tried colo state before I even began three months ago and sent sixty dollars to them and they still have not given me my soil sample numbers I have tried twice a week. Anyway, what is your advice on soil fix DGC?