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Just a little update…. My canopy concerns got addressed on show 1117. Guru was out and Dude and Scotty  were looking for “easy to answer” questions. Thanks for all the help guys. These are the slow growing, “compact” OG Kush plants. These girls became ladies about 4 days ago when I flipped to 12/12. A few inches of stretch has almost completely filled canopy and now need to to start going vertical. Canopy is 9.5” from soil.

Looking at the number of flower sites and the tight node spacing, it seems like this 2×2 is going going to be full of the dank. I did a trim before sending them into flower. I removed leaves and bud sites. I know I need to trim more throughout flowering, but not sure how much/how often/how soon to trim. While stretching, should I be removing only leaves, leaves and new under growth, nothing…??? Should I wait until after the stretch? Is there a number of leaves per top to keep? I’ve been trying to keep at least 3 of the top 4 developed leaves (top set and one from lower set). If the whole canopy is green, do I need to keep any leaves below it? I’ve been pushing the fan leaves down under the canopy, but I’d rather just cut them off.