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Hey crew, I’ll get straight to the point. I’m growing in dwc single buckets, this is my 3rd grow. I have 2 different strains in flower seeds man night nurse 1:1 an northern lights. they are both being fed the same as follows lotus nutes 5 ml silica blast .7 e.c. of cal-mag, 1.4 bloom nutes, 2.1 e.c. total. then .25 tsp great white, 1.5 ml mammoth P and 8 ml hydro guard. 8 ml hydro guard. Start pH 6.2 on both. With in 8 hours the pH drops 2.0 this is a 2 day old res. I have picked some of the best minds on discord @stonedtroutbum @hashcakes @weedo an many more. we thought we had it at one point but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! hash man suggested to do a mix with out the plant air stone an all for a few days an see if the nutes are doing it? Makes sense. ok now I’m reading that bacteria doing their job the good and the bad secrete acids. Here’s the sleeper question,,, ready????? Is it possible that there is too many beneficials working at the same time? When I drain the bucket I’m thinking that a lot of the bacteria is sticking to the roots and I keep adding more like great white The roots are great it’s growing like riot!! healthy 23 days into flower photos Guru Guru Guru bail me out please? Not dissing the other to chuckle head’s JUST KIDDING not trying to send anybody to therapy. Oh an buy the way i think yinz need to have sew on patches made like the one sunnyinbectopia made? cannibalized the hat made a kick ass sew on patch. I’m sure if you ask nice she will show ya! hard to get pics of the roots scrog thanks all of you for a great show. Luke61