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Hey guys, I haven’t posted in a couple weeks and thought I’d share a method to low stress train.  This is a section of fencing, I believe I got it from Menards as a 50 foot section by 4 feet tall.  I didn’t buy it for this purpose just one day a ran out of pipe cleaner ties and needed a quick solution this was lying around so I  used a pair of dikes to cut it into 12 inch squares,  could go with whatever size works for you.  Now only 2 ties are required to accomplish the same task.  I like to put the fence section in place then wait about a week or when the fan leaves have taken over, remove the fencing,  do a lollipop trimming, give a day or two to recover then put the fencing back.  It works for me, the hydro soil bucket didn’t work so great  by the way , if you wanna let people know that attempt at a hack ended up being more work in the end.  I had fun trying anyway.