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How’s it goin’ DGC,

Sitting here smoking on some primo flower and thought i’d share something this brain of mine came up with earlier. ya see the deal is i have been trying to decide if i wanna do my next run in fabric pots or try the hempy buckets scotty is always going on about….. then it hit me, just do both.


5 Gallon Bucket

Landscaping Fabric

Zip Ties

Duck Tape

Drill + Bits

Make a hempy like normal, 2. drill a bunch of holes around the bucket starting at about 1″ above the drain hole @2″ from the bottom. 3. cut a 40″ piece of landscaping fabric and secure to the inside of the bucket using zip ties. 4. cut off excess fabric off the top leaving a few inches. 5. secure the remaining few inches to outside of the bucket with duck tape. 6. fill with media of choice as you would a regular hempy. at this point you have successfully constructed the Hempy 2.0! this ones for you scotty! stay high DGC.