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Hey guys, I’m new here but not on YouTube. I’ve been a supporter for a while now and grower for a while now (shhh). Although i have a medical marijuana card, we’ve just became legal here in Connecticut and i can finally grow without looking over my shoulder. We can only grow 3 mature and 3 immature plants at a time(fuckin lame) so I’m going to just grow 3 fems at a time.

I don’t have much space but i have a good spot for a 3’x3’x6′ AC Infinity set up, AC Infinity 4″ quiet fan, 4″ carbon filter, AC Infinity temp control ,3 5 gallon fabric pots and bio bizz nute line.

I’m on the fence about Coast of Maine Stonington blend and build a soils 3.0 soil. I’m having trouble figuring out that light to use.. I don’t have much money to spend so i came across this light that seems very similar to the Vivosun lights and uses the same diodes.

Samsung LM301H led Grow Light Board 660nm IR uv