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So if I combine two nutrients from two different nutrient suppliers and they both state there will be no problem using one or the other together and upon putting them in the same test jar together with no water and BOOM! they divide like opposites with no wanton desire to bind together than tell me this. In real life if I were using these two in a separate feed together and only those two than would I not be the wiser to perhaps scrub the idea even though companies a and b said don’t worry they like to work together? Why should I think that a gallon of water will solve the problem? but is not as visible. I do not think that is too far fetched eh! I am trying to find out how credible all these suppliers are when they make claims like this. Do you feel that it is all ok because somehow with the diluted by water trick it doesn’t show as much division that they still will give the results you would like to think they should and so do it yourself test what you combine with what you do if you add a new nutrient and the ceo says do it it’s ok is it.