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Scotty and the Dude Talk get the straight dirt on the Science of Powerdy Mildew and related Optic Foliar products

We talk about how well Optic Foliar puts together a product that combines different nutrients into one conventiant spray. Whereas some companies try to seperate different nutrients at premium pricing, Optic Foliar addresses everything and puts it into one comprehensive and convenient spray.

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We mention Overgrow: a combination of Rev, Attack, Transport, Watts so you can hit your plant with nutrients to help boost the performance and growth of your plant as well as help prevent pests and keep spider mites OUT of your plants to create dynamic, ready to use product for any grower.

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Learn more about Overgrow here.

Take a look at all Optic Foliar products and grab one to try for yourself!

Here you can find in-depth descriptions, directions, as well as he science of these products so you KNOW what’s going on in your grow when you use Optic Foliar you’re using the best there is.