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Hi everyone.


Have recently been catching up the past year worth of podcasts, and finally have learned enough to step up my game.

I have to say, you lads make my drive to work everyday much more enjoyable!

So, as I was starting off, I was buying stuff in patchwork, and have already done two runs with great results.   I have had great blessings and kind words from industry vets, who tell me I am on my way to join Dude, Scotty and Guru in Dankland

Right now, I have three tents.   A dual chamber 1×4 / 4×4 , a larger 5×5 and a small 3×3 set for drying.   Over the course of getting these, I have also bought some different lights.

Two blurple, Phlizon “900w” (actual draw 176w)  and two Phlizon 3000w Cree Cob (actual draw 629w).

The first two blurple were my first lights, very cheap.   The second set, I had only planned on one, but after a few LEDs went out, they sent me another.    However,  the COBs and at least 75% of the LEDs still work.

Right now, I have some Autos going under the one working COB and supplementing with the blurple.  (in the 5×5)

The other half-assed light, and second blurple are ready to go in the second tent (but nothing going yet)

I’m starting to wonder, if using the Blurple for seedlings, the broken cob for veg,  and the other two in my flower is the best set up.

The blurples have a Veg switch and a Bloom switch with these specs

62 x 630-660nm

23 x 460nm

2x  Cool white 6500k led

1 x UV 380-390 nm

2 x IR 740nm

The COB lights have a Veg Bloom with LEDS only, and then the stronger switch, which activates the COBS.

The COBS are still fully functional on the one with the 25% leds burnt out.

They have

3 x 6000k COB

3 x 3000k COB

110 x 639-660nm

16 x 470nm

12 x 6500k cool white LED

6 x IR 740nm

Ideally, once I get some photos going, I want to have the one blurple in the 1×4 section for seedling,  and the one half assed COB for VEG.

The flower tent, will have the COB and Leds On, and the Blurple supplementing with the Bloom switch on .

A few questions.

Can I veg with just the COBs or would the added LEDs be more beneficial?

Is the Blurple OK for seedlings? Should I just use the VEG (more blue) or have both switches on.

In the flower tent, can I create an quasi Emerson effect, using the supplemental Blurple, (with more red from the bloom switch) on a second timer?

Hope this makes sense,

Hopefully you can shed some light on the situation

Maybe you guys have other ideas on what set up is best? And how to maximize the nanometers?

First pic is of the 5×5.  The supplementary light is just in veg (more blue) as my plants are less than 3 weeks in

Second pic is of the broken Light.

Third, with the COBs on.

Fourth pic is the supplemental (with just veg switch on)