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What’s up DGC peeps! Love the podcast and community. I’ve picked up so much knowledge watching and reading. I wanted to share a couple of things that seem to be working very well for us in our greenhouse grow that’s set up specifically for autoflowers on an 18/6 cycle. We supplement with some inexpensive LEDs from MarsHydro the TSL 2000 (it’s somewhat comparable to the HLG 300 but not quite as efficient).

Solar noon

I started to notice, as the sun pass directly overhead (solar noon), there’s a period about 2 hours prior to, through 2 hours after solar noon where my lights are doing some shading. I started scratching my head pondering ways to minimize this effect. I started imaging a complex multi servo system per light that was controlled by a network of Arduino and/or RaspberryPi modules that could automatically raise and lower the lights but I was less than enthused at the amount of dev time that would require. Plus, it wouldn’t actually provide that much more light by simply raising it up closer to the ceiling. A week or two passed. My brother and I were doing some light pruning when he asked me about a spot on a leaf. I couldn’t see it from where I was standing and my brother titled the light over on it’s side so the panel wasn’t blocking my line of sight. That’s when the light bulb came on and I realized that simply orienting them vertically would allow much more light penetration. Now I can see a much simpler autonomous system that only requires a single small servo per light to tilt it vertically while the sun goes over. For now, I suppose I’ll have to manually do it with the aid of some bulk twist ties we use to LST. “Responsibility is a heavy responsibility man!”

Companion IPM

Since we supplement with LEDs to provide our plants with 18 hours of light per day some of that time is while the sun is down. This obviously attracts pests. We didn’t want to get into spraying our plants with a bunch of inorganic crap so I started doing some reading on companion flowers and herbs that help repel pests know to attack cannabis.  Currently in our grow we have marigold, basil and yarrow. Other than a few moths that I have to thin out with a bug zapper, we’ve been pest free. The only thing that we now proactively sprayed on our babies is Dr. Zymes bi-weekly.