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Hey there Guru, Scotty & Dude. Thought it would be funny to say hi in that order because everyone else does it vise versa 😂 Big time listener, new DGC supporter and truly believe my grow is thriving because of what I learn listening to your show! New indoor grower, long time gorilla grower. What do I need to buy to control AC and Heat? I live in WNY and the grow could need heat 1 day and AC the next.

I’m currently vegging in a 4×4 tent and flowering in a 5×5 and everything is looking pretty damn good. I’m happy with my tent temps (77 @ lights out & 85 lights on HLG 600 rspec) and air flow BUT I’m at a maximum for space.

To gain space I have to move my grow to the dreaded hot upstairs… which I’m not going to do until I have a fully controllable heating element and cooling element. Also this area is around 20×30. Budget isn’t really a big deal and I’m 110% passionate about growing so if it works really good, TAKE MY MONEY 😂

Thanks guys

ps. Keep inhaling, Scotty 😂