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Hey there DGC,

Where the hell are you? banned from youtube again? I miss you guys.

So I’m on my 3rd grow, first time growing Durban Poison. I have 3 plants that are each about a week apart because I had trouble sprouting the seeds. I decided to try an experiment, so one plant is mainlined, one plant was cut to 2 nodes, and the last was cut at 4 nodes. All are trained to have 8 colas. As you can see from the photo, the mainlined plant is twice as big as the other two. probably because it’s under the center of the light? She’s magnificent. Anyway, one of the smaller plants is showing orange hairs even though we’re only about half way through flower. The other two are frosty white. WHat’s the scoop with those orange hairs?

Thanks for spreading the knowledge, and I hope to see you back on Youtube soon.