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What’s growin on DGC!! I need some help from the community to diagnose this issue. Not sure what it could be but, I did some research earlier but couldn’t find anything that really helped me figure out how this happened. Lemme give you guys some info about the what I’ve done they past couple days.  I will post a pic of the temps and humidity over that past week from my wifi hygrometer.

So this grow I decided to take my cake&chem pheno and pollinate it with a garlic breath 2.0 male that a buddy of mine had obtained from a grower in Michigan. Monday night I turned off all the fans in the tent and set cardboard above and below the trellis net to isolate the plant the best I could given it couldn’t be removed.  I used a paintbrush apply the pollen to the chosen plant, then closed the tent and left all fans off for the night.

luckily I woke up in the middle of the night and I checked my phone and it was at 90%rh😬😬. I cut the exhaust fan on low and it came down to normal. I left the cardboard in the tent and the extraction fan on low another day then sprayed the pollinated plant with water just to be sure there wasn’t any pollen that could fly around.

Today I opened the tent and noticed the two buds on a non pollinated plant had bright orange pistols that looked burnt in a way. That one that looks worse and a large leaf laying directly on top of it. Everything was looking normal before the pollinating. The only reason I could think of would be a lack of air and high humidity?? The plant this is on does seem to have nitrogen toxicity?

I blend my own soil and top-dress recipe the other plants seem to be doing fine with the nutrients so it could be genetics. Each plant was top-dressed at the beginning of flower they are at week 3 now. The cake&chem pheno that I pollinated is in the front left corner of the tent in a 1 gallon fabric pot and the other three are the swamp boys seeds shoki that I won from the seed grab in 3 gal fabric pots!! Any one got some answers of what this could be? Keep on growin  DGC!