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How’s it going!! New to the DG fam, wanted to just share a current project I received from an awesome friend. He ran a pack of this Orange Sherb x Gorilla breath 6 (Trix cut), and gifted me a clone of his #1 pheno to run out. I’ve gotta say I’m super impressed with the genetics this far. I get the smell of an orange push pop right away, and it’s just a greasy, trichome rich lady. I’m running all organic with build a soil light recipe, Roots organics and build a soil dry amendments. To further pack in the goodness I’m running roots organics microbe charge, BAS 12 seed cover crop, worm castings, fish shit and the usual teas.  All in all this lady had stood out from the pack. My wonderful buddy also gifted me from the same collab a couple beans of the PBB x GB6 Trix. I’ll be happily reporting back how that run goes, but looking forward to engaging in the community as it grows! S/O you guys for making pivotal information available to the average grower!