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HI DGC!  Sharing some pics of some Barney’s Farm Orange Sherbert from my second grow ever.  I found DGC when I was scouring the internet trying to figure out how to get started.  The crew and the community have been a great source of information and are generally really entertaining too.  My better half and I usually catch up on your shows on the weekend mornings over coffee.  We are in MA, so prohibition has been lifted.  I never imagined I’d see legal weed here, but alas, here we are!  The freedom is fantastic, but the dispensary prices are sooooo high and taxes add another 23-24% on top.  My girl has a huge appetite for the green stuff, so getting into growing was a no brainer.  Second grow is much much better than the first (I learned a lot on the first one…especially how to listen to the plants more), and the next one will be even better.  We’re doing DWC (it’s just a good fit for our space), GH Trio, and a mix of blurple and white LEDs, top them early and LST after that.  5 strains on this run, but just posting the Orange Sherbert today.  Though, all 5 strains are looking and smelling great!