I like to bottom-feed in one of my tents.  I have a large 28″ inch saucer, and a 10 gallon airpot.  The airpot has a slight air-gap at the bottom, to help keep the roots pruned.  In my first few trials with filling the saucer, I noticed I got a lot of long roots with a low number of terminal points.  Not good, we want a fuzzy mass of root tips.  I remember learning this on the show.

So I figured out adding Orbeez UNDERNEATH my airpot, in the air gap, really really changes things.  The Orbeez provide a layer of moisture for the root tips to grow down into, and they seem to prune themselves and promote more growth tips.  I’ve noticed a drastic increase in the size and number of flowers since I have started doing this.

The biggest benefit I experience is the moisture control aspect they provide.  They will absorb the nutrients and provide a dryer tray faster.  Orbeez work through osmosis, so if you draw water from the top beads they pull water out of their surrounding bead partners.  These Orbeez let me have an extra 2 or 3 days of coast time after my tray is dry before I need to feed them again.  I am on my fifth run using the Orbeez buffer in my 3×3, and have yet to run into issues!

To use them, just inflate them in some water for a while, and then place them in the center of your tray in a heap.  Press your airpot onto them, and now you have a wonderful buffer area where your roots can tickle their balls all day long and be happy about it!