Here is my submission for the dank nugs. And yes it involves grow dots and sip containers

So I started up 3 earthboxes with 3 different methods. ( 2.5methods?)

To see what turned out better.

Max yields cut of oreoz. And Compounds cut (CLTVTD) of grape gas.

Earth box 1 is 70/30 coco perlite and grow dots. This won with faster color and growth. And overall plant size

Earthbox 2 was build a soil 3.0 with craft blend, kashi blend, build a flower. Occasional water of organic gem fish hydrolysate.

Earthbox 3 was roots 707 media with nature’s living soil SUPERSOIL concentrate (1lb per 5gal)

All 3 chopped down at day 54. Which is insane to me. I usually grow everything 68..73..78days. To see a 54 day finish is crazy.

Spindly leggy from lowpar in veg and early flower. But finished with avg 900ppfd and 800ppm co2.

Marshydro fce6500 hung at the top of the tent. It’s too large so it touches poles in the 4×4 so I don’t like to move it. Hence the low par in early growth. I should have turned it up earlier. But man is it even coverage.

Really don’t know what else to say other than I’m super happy with the grow dots. Youtube and ig is newbie nugs if you want to see the weekly updates during this grow and what I done.

Love the show and hope I make the dank nug portion one day!