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Hey everyone in the DGC,

First off, thank you for having this show! I had a blast being in isolation while watching you on the 420 live.  You hear it a lot but you really have helped me with my grow knowledge. Each episode I listen to I gain at least 3-5 extremely helpful tips and hacks. Its like you tap into my head and know all the questions I wonder about. Ive grown weed since 2008 but learned everything through myself and trial and error due to probortion land in Canada at that time. Thanks to you three (plus the DGC) all my life long questions are being answered over the last years so THANK YOU! I have your youtube channel on all the time whether its trimming, handwatering, driving or killing time.

Quick run down of my set up.

  • Two tents plus propagation shelves.
  • Organic KIS mix from BlackSwallowLivingSoil plus most of their lineup for amendments and microbials. (3gallon-20 gallons sizes)
  • Side grow of Sunshine Mix or coco used with GreenPlanet Nutrients
  • Optic 6 and Fluence VYPR LEDs
  • Growing: Strawnana, Zweet Inzanity, Mo’rockin Kush, After Eight Mints, Gorilla Glue x Fruity Pebbles, Purple Cherry Punch, and recently popped two Tropicana x OGKB seeds.

I do have a series of questions so ill be as blunt as I can.

  1. I have recently bought what I think is a substitute for my CalMag for my organic grow…. or at least i think so…. I bought K-Mag (0-0-22) and Soluble Gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate). Ive never used this before and was going to amend some into my outdoor organic pots, and use as an organic nutrient feed indoors while I water as if i were using calmag that day.  There isn’t a whole lot of directions online so im curious….. Would I be able to mix the two together and create my own “cal-mag” to feed with it, or is it like a KSi where it needs to be used with nothing else so it doesnt precipitate out of solution? Would you recommend anything special about using soluble gypsum  or K-Mag stones to get me started, or am I just high and overthinking.
  2. Aged mulch……. Its great for microbial life but im debating on bringin it indoors due to diseases wood and bark have in particular (so ive heard). I have large wood chipper pile from a tree that has been sitting there for 3 years. I was going to use it on my outdoor plants as mulch to add extra life. If I leave the mulch on my outdoor crop, will it have a less chance of pests thriving since its still “outside” in its natural environment. ? Im guessing you do not recommend bringing the mulch to my indoor organic crop for that exact reason?
  3. Do you know of any science of stressing the plant towards the end with music? I know there are testing devices that can tell you if the plant is happy and it changes with music (hippie dippy shit). Some say its beneficial at certain beats per minute or something…. Anyways, for my last 5 crops ive blasted satanic death metal (cattle decapitation, cannibal corpse, belphegor, deicide and suffocation) the last week before harvest and in darkness for 24 hours.  I know im high all the time but I swear my weed is more potent now. I change up my growing style a little each crop so there are many factors that would make my weed more potent, just wondering if you know any science that supports my claim to music stressing.
  4. For foliar spraying…. Does adding a synthetic nutrient foliar spray affect the mycorrhizae network? I remember Guru saying the network shuts down around 60ppm or something (if feeding the soil a synthetic). So does back dooring the nutrients to the foliage fuck up how nutrients are up taken in soil? Does the myco network take a lunch break until the foliar is completely up taken until the plant is asking for more food again??
  5. I recently used green planet nutrients in coco and in sunshine mix which turned out great for my first time using it. Then I got high and lazy and thought the left-over nutrients in the coco/S.S. would be minimal (hopefully) and I can turn the coco/S.S into a organic blend by adding organic inputs (teas, humic acids, mycorrizhea inoculant, top dresses, and microbial products like recharge, synergro, miicrobial mass and hydrozyme). Is this a bad idea? I did it to two 3-gallon pots and turned out awesome. Good size buds and not one issue in flower. However, im nervous to continue doing it in case I was lucky and it was a fluke. Is this something you would not recommend to do? I know you guys like to start fresh with a new soil cause its such an important crop, but Im experimenting.  My thought behind this is there is residual nutrients can be taken up while the plant is small, then microbes are breaking down food within a few weeks when that plant is large and synthetic nutrients run out.

Thanks for the help, sorry if this was little long.