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What up DGC!  I need some advice!

I’m getting ready to start my second grow and am looking to simplify things but still grow some dank.  I follow a guy on Youtube Mr Canuck’s Grow (you guys have talked about him before on the show) and the more I watch his videos, the more I’m super hyped to try some of his techniques, especially the organic dry amendment strategy.  Heres the breakdown for me-

I’m a pretty busy guy and I’m looking to mainly simplify the nutrient side of things for my grow and would love for it to also be organic.  My first grow was with GH 3 part but I ended up buying gallons of RO water the whole time because my tap water PPM is about 460.  Im trying to avoid doing that again, and also not ready to shell out the cash for an RO system (I would rather put it into better lights at some point). I installed an excellent carbon filtration system a few years ago that takes care of all the chlorine, chloramine, particulates, and lots of other nasty things, but my PPM is still high.

So if I can mix dry nutrients into my coco, top dress throughout the grow, and simply water with pH balanced tap water, I’m going to be super stoked.  Of course I will throw in some Recharge, Mammoth P and other beneficials as well.

NOW, here’s where I need guidance (considering that my scenario sounds like a good plan) – Which dry nutrient line do I use?  Mr Canuck’s Grow uses Gaia Green but I can’t get that shipped to my home state of Michigan unless I want to pay over $50 in shipping which I’d rather not do.  There doesn’t seem to be that many options and I want something quality.  I know Mr Canucks Grow kills it with his ES300 lights as well, but damn he grows some fire with seemingly low effort on the feeding side of things.

What do you think?  Any feedback or other ideas is greatly appreciated.  Thanks for reading!