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hai DGC! I have an update and a question. update – my no till organic grow is wicked. I was away for a month at the gold claim and had a friend watching things. all he did is water with dechlorinated water while I was gone. it got a little dry and the peas started dying off but the cannabis loved it lol (salt based grow had some issues but survived fine). but literally very little maintenance and I came home to a jungle. I promise a camera will happen soon and I will post pics with a full update when it does happen. but now that i’m settled in and my other tent is almost done flower (salt based grow) im getting ready for what I want as my best crop ever. i’m gonna swap all my lights to my organic tent  (8 quick grow 48w led a local brand. I think they are 1.8 umol/j not great but either way it should be good enough to get close to max ppf) I have added some predatory mites (miles) and have rove beetles and praying mantis sacs on the way and am getting some ladybugs from my buddy. I have done preventative spray 1 of 3 of neem and bronners. clones have taken root for new mother and it rained today so I added a shitload of worms. I have fungus gnats but population is decreasing. I feel like i’m ready to flop to flower (everything is super healthy, middle finger leaf is 7-3/4″ long and 2-1/4″ wide. way bigger than the cut im flowering in salt based grow). I am due to receive some tax money from johnny canuck and feel like I should invest my unexpected cash influx into the grow.

I don’t believe I need more light unless its for the second tent. I have two 4×4 tents which I don’t feel are large enough to warrant all the environmental controls I would require to seal the environment and add co2 (lets hear it if you think i’m wrong). I have an ac infinity fan which keeps the environment super dialed (about 75f and 65rh with lights on and 72f and 65 rh lights off, will change in flower but its dry here so i’m not worried about flowering conditions, the fan will just run more often)but serious those fans are worth every dollar and sense.i do not require an ac (yet) or dehumidifier where i am (average 40%rh outside, usually I need a humidifier if anything). so long story short unless im missing something I feel like im as dialed as I can be for this run. the only thing I can think of to invest my johnny canuck money into to improve this run is a foliar feed system. so first of all I love getting ripped by the dgc so lets hear it. and second whats recommended for a 100% organic no till foliar feed for flowering? I have a large list of the stuff I used to mix the soils and am sure some of it can be used effectively for foliar feeding. I already use some for compost teas. also what would you invest your next $700 cad ($510 usd) into?