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Hey DGC team love the content keep it up. Not to long finished off a harvest and it’s been my best grow to date thanks to you guys and all of the DGC content. Even introducing me to people’s work like Rasta Jeff, Jerin from NM and many more. I grow 5 GSC autos from fast buds in 30 litre fabric pots in a 4×4 tent. Five 60 watt COB leds 3x3000k 2x3500k. Straight coco. Ecothrive Charge and life cycle mixed in at start and top dressed every 2-3 weeks. Ecothrive Biosys (weekly tea). Biobizz Acti-Vera and bloom. Mammoth P. black strap molasses. Here are my results I got 16 oz so I’m more than happy about, the shake when into bubble hash which I got 14 g.

My question is for my next round can I use the Winter Frost from NM whilst using organic products.
Then I think what’s next just wondering if chasing for more and more products am I wasting my time when I’m happy with what I’ve done.

Cheers DGC