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Hey dudes I am making this post to drop my two cents on how I like to make my no till soil lasagna method style. I started this process in June 2019 for the outdoor 2020 season so I started doing my research and homework on how living soil works with the microbes etc, and your podcast just made my learning experience better, so I started with Roots Organic Soil as my base, I then added Worm Castings, Bu’s Blend Compost, Bio-live, Neem seed meal, Kelp Meal, and Seabird guano all by Down to earth fertilizer.

I then mixed all that into 15 gallons planted cover crop (Hairy vetch and Red Clover) I grew the cover crop out cut and buried it with compost creating a lasagna technique after one cycle of cutting I added Red Wigglers so that the soil can produce its own castings. I repeated this process 5 times mixed it with Big Rootz soil into 25 gallon pots with hatched praying mantis and now the girls are full on raging and just loving life, I just ordered some recharge samples to try it out seems like a good product if it is I will for sure become a patron for that 30% discount because I will be buying a lot for my living soil.

Anyways I hope this is helpful to anyone that is reading this if anyone would like to follow my process my IG is @ginovanni_ and dudes keep producing a kick ass podcast!