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Hi, been growing organically for about 20 years. 5 × 5 grow tent, 1000 watt hps, need the heat it provides and 500 actual watts led supplementing. Make my own soil mix, organic potting soil, coco choir, worm casting, perlite is my base then few organic amendments added. Insect frass, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, fish bone meal and Gaia 4-4-4. Top dress pots with gaia bloom when put in flower tent. I reuse my soil, just bust up root balls in a large tub, add some nutrients and let it sit a few weeks until I need soil. I have 2 tubs soil, 1 I am working from and 1 cooking in the corner.  Got a 2×3 area for seedlings with 2 X 200 watt cfl. Veg area 2X3 currently light by Guru’s favorite Mars Hydro TS 1000. This light replaced 400 watt metal halide no problem. Running 6 months now does fine job in veg. Have never had a issue in 20 years bigger than a few gnats. For that I now top dress my fabric pots with couple inches of coco choir on last transplant. Dries out faster on top but keeps my soil underneath moist. No more gnats. Got 9 plants in flower tent and basically ever 3 to 4 weeks, strain dependent, 3 get chopped and 3 new plants get to flower. Normally giving me 9 to 12 ounces fresh bud every month also strain dependent. I do not use netting. Like to move my plants. Lots of training in veg keeps my plants 24-36 in flower. Might need the odd BAMBOO stick here and there.  With my soil mix a top dress in early flower and couple teas they go on water or water an molasses start to finish. Pic # 1 seedling area 2X3  ,pic#2 veg area 2×3 , pic# 3 5×5 flower tent. Pic 4 is a bud on my fruit punch X durban poison cross. First attempt at crossing plants and making female seeds. First plant looks good at 6 weeks flowering. And yes I have my own worms. And all this takes place in a 10X12 shed I built in my back yard. Happy growing to all, and by the way my initials are DCG, close lol