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hai DGC! im currently doing a no till system in 25g Radicle Bags (learning about regenerative agriculture so i may try that theory out later) everything is going good. 2 questions though. i noticed pH issues, i was not pH adjusting as i learned that the bacteria and fungi will do that for you. i did have some pH issues pop up so i am now adjusting pH before watering. so is it that my system is just not advanced enough yet for that to happen? it is the first cycle. my worm population is exploding and plants look healthy as f.

next question is the big one. tried to find more info on it but came up short. organic seedling care.

so my new seedlings are starting to produce their true leaves. this is the time i would be feeding them if i was using salt based nutrients. i suspect if i kept just watering they would start to go deficient. i did paper towel method and planted into a solo cup with a coco, compost, castings, perlite mix. and plan to grow it out in there until my first no till crop is done. (should be about a month and a bit and i may transplant up a little if they get too root bound) i then plan to cut down this crop, leave the root balls in place, roll the cover down, and plant the new plant in a different corner. my question is what do i feed my seedlings from now until that stage? this is 100% organic no till (yes you have to “till” to transplant but i will take care to disturb as little as possible). will recharge and compost teas be enough to sustain it until i upgrade its battery pack?