Hello everyone

I have about 8 years growing organic living bed no till craft blend and recharge!. But I am looking to nerd out so I want to try rdwc hydroponic system. I bought a growee ph controller and doser and 4 nutrient pumps I have a good reverse osmosis on a float valve 0.0ec. I have a 1/4hr chiller chiller gets 400gph and I have 2 rdwc sites that get 400gph water pump each pumping from resivor.

Ok that’s the set up.

So question which nutrient company sould I get with 4 dosers? 3 part with cal mag plus? 2 part with calmag and something like power si? Or 1 part with 3 additives? Opinions?  Mills,athena, pure blend boticare, new millennium?  I don’t want to mix nute I would like my 4 controllers to do this.