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Its not hard guys!

So the guys are driving me nuts talking about organics being hard or requiring a lot of work.  I’m politely calling BS. Organic growing is NOT hard and does NOT require a ton of work.  Especially if you start with large pots or beds full of good quality soil.

It does take following a well thought out recipe, but so does growing with bottled nutrients or powders!

A very successful organic soil recipe is freely available many places including or in my soil articles.

You should check those resources for the details but…

The 4 main essentials are:

  1. A large volume of great quality soil like the buildasoil/coot recipe.  (Larger soil volume = Easier)
  2. Topdressing to occasionally replenish nutrition.  The larger your soil volume, the less often its necessary. (check out the buildasoil topdress kit for an example topdress recipe!)
  3. Mulch to keep the soil healthy and create a habitat for microbes (straw and/or a cover crop living mulch)
  4. Microbes to keep the nutrition plant available (Use RECHARGE and/or compost teas and other homemade stuff)

Lazy Organics- Soup style

My grow style has been embarrassingly easy lately.  Big beds full of quality soil and blumats irrigating with plain water.  The soil feeds the plants and the blumats do the watering.  I do a weekly ipm spray and an occasional “once a week treat” with recharge.  That’s pretty much it.   No checking pH, no worrying about ppms or any of that tedious stuff.

I’ve been really distracted with other projects lately and this last run and I only checked on my flower room like 2-3 times a week.  I did hardly any work and spent basically nothing on nutrients.  My yield was decent but not amazing since I didn’t do very much training or canopy maintenance.  I’m happy with the quality, although I’m sure I could have pushed it further if I put in more work.  I had a great harvest with plenty of great bud, and I barely spent any money or did any work to make it happen.  Organics can be as easy or as complicated as you want to make it!

JUST TO BE CLEAR… If you guys wanna use bottles or powders or whatever…that’s totally great!  Use whatever makes you happy!  We should all use whatever grow style we want, as long as it’s done responsibly and with respect for the environment!

But I gotta call BS when people say organic growing is hard or requires doing a lot of work.  Organics can be super easy, you just have to learn the basics and follow the recipe… just like with any other growing style!

If you’re looking for more soil info or resources to learn about growing your own great cannabis at home… please check out my website!



p.s. Please enjoy some pics of my super lazy organic soil garden!  There aren’t any recent full canopy shots because its been floppy and embarrassing looking since I’ve been lazy/busy lately and haven’t done much training or canopy maintenance these last few runs. 😛

This is an older pic and my room is half empty, but just wanna show that you can really push your plants and run a thickly stacked canopy when using living soil in beds.  Happy healthy plants!

The rest of these pics are all of a plant I call Ladies Night #7. This is a cross I created and #7 is the winner of the pheno hunt so far after testing about 50 plants.

Ladies Night = Jazz x Go Time.  Plant #7 is Jack Herer dominate with lots of lemon and pine terps but also hints of cat piss/ammonia and some skunky flavors too.  I brought some to the 2019 DGC Cup so if we hung out and you smoked with me at the cup, maybe you got to try it.

She’s quite greasy and makes for very nice flavorful rosin