Hey DGC!

I was listening to a recent episode with you guys talking about solo cup grows and how it couldn’t be pulled off with organics. I’m sure you can’t grow monsters out of solo cups with organics but it can definitely get the job done. Thought you might be interested in my solo cup grow that is at the tail end.

This is Ringo’s Gift CBD that I’m growing for my father in law. He’s the one that got me into growing and it just took off from there. He asked me to grow a small plant for him so he can sample it to see if he wants to grow it in his outdoor garden this upcoming summer. He has a very low tolerance, mainly grows for fun, and is starting to get into CBD cultivars.

When he asked me to grow this, I already had my current grow vegging for 3-4 weeks so I had to work fast. I have her growing in a clear solo cup with a bunch of holes poked through the bottom with that cup sitting inside the red solo cup allowing me to bottom water. This girl had only broken through the soil surface for 4 weeks before flipping to 12/12. Right off the bat, I’ve had her in Elite Living Soil by The Soil Makers, local company. Only fed once during veg of Neptunes Harvest Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer at half strength and once more during flower of Build A Bloom at half strength. Otherwise just Recharge, vermicompost extract tea and mainly plain un-pH adjusted tap water from my well. Oh, can’t forget the 2 worms that I introduced at the beginning and have stayed in there the whole time.

The cup is sitting in a 3D printed solo cup holder clipped to a tent pole that I zip tied to secure it in my 2×2 grow tent. She gets about 600-700PPFD according to my Photone app. Bottom water once a day and she’s happy. Looking to probably harvest in about 2 weeks when the rest of the tent is ready to harvest. Hope you guys get a kick out of this!

Keep up the great work DGC crew!