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Hi DGC, Thanks for all the great content and congratulations on making it to 1000 episodes. YaAAA! Question I need help with is regarding my “Gorilla Glue” plant I have grown from seed. Not sure on the original source of the genetics. This plant is now at the end of week two into flowering under a 12-12 light. On day 10 I started to notice some bronzing on a few of the leaves. This has only progressed over the last week and now there are maybe a dozen leaves that are discoloured. New growth all seems fine still. Reason for my concern is I recently had to bring two ladies out to pasture because they burnt up to a horrendous point before I could even flip from veg. I really want to make sure these ladies have a successful run and any tips for how to amend will be greatly appreciated. The plant is in a 5 gallon bucket I drilled holes into, filled with Stepwell sphagnum peatmoss, 1/2 cup of Gaia Green 4-4-4, and a few bits of dehydrated chicken poop. Been watering every 5 days to run off with about 3 gallons of water and 1 Table spoon of kelp used to make tea, and some worm castings on top with 1 TBSP more of Gaia Green. Under a Mars LED. PH seems to come in around 7.5 or 8. I have had successful runs in the past without needing the measure this component, however it may be my downfall. Much respect and good luck on the next 1000 shows! Grow more veggies, Sampson