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Let’s start this off by saying Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening DGC! Let’s dive right in I guess the last few runs I’ve played around with a few different Nutrients Companies, and Types From Salts, Organic Dry Amendments, and Liquid Organic. And so far my favorite has been FOOP! The plants responded extremely well and had good growth and little to no signs of deficiencies the entire run! So my question is would a Liquid Organic line Such as FOOP be okay to run in an autopot system? I realize you’d want to add some circulation pumps to keep it from going stagnate, but being that it is Organic would it start to break-down and become anaerobic in the reservoir within a few days or not? Can’t find very much good information on this. Just wanted to get a few opinions before I just say screw it and give it a go, just to see. Stay safe and stay high out there

– OrganicallyGrown618